[Youtubery] It’s Supposed To Be A Massager

24 08 2011

Debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival, Hysteria caught my attention because it starred Maggie Gyllenhaal. Then the topic of female sexual hysteria caught my attention and that’s all she wrote. Anyway, here’s the summary from the website:

A romantic comedy based on the surprising truth of how Mortimer Granville came up with the world’s first electro-mechanical vibrator in the name of medical science. Academy Award® nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy headline in this untold tale of a young Victorian doctor’s quest to figure out the key to women’s happiness. Also starring Jonathan Pryce, Rupert Everett and Felicity Jones.

Yes, it’s a romantic comedy about the first vibrator. So it will probably be never shown in the Philippines. So, it’s thank you bitorrent, when this gets released.

[On The Shelf] Nendoroid Light Yagami

23 08 2011

Here’s a nice little find. Light Yagami is the crazed genius antihero of the manga Death Note. Here he is in cutie nendoroid form. Amazon is selling these for $49.99. That’s 2500 pesos. In a Filbar’s I found this guy selling for 550 pesos – which is a little over $12. A bargain for a cute little psychopath.

Image Tax: Eyes You Could Drown In

23 08 2011

I love cosplay! Not just if there’s pretty girls – but really well-done cosplay are works of art.

For example is this recent Bioshock Infinite shoot from Russian cosplayer, ormeli. A nice dress, decent lighting and soulful eyes convey a lot. Alas, the onlt cosplay I can conceivably do is if my body is fully-covered.

Anyway, check out more stuff at ormeli’s deviantart page.

Source: ormeli at deviantart

Chibi Dungeon Crawl: Super Dungeon Explore

17 08 2011

Dungeon crawling is a time-honored concept in games. Classics like Dungeon Quest and Talisman have trod this well-worn path before. However, none have simulated the hack-and-slash experience of running around a dungeon and killing things like Fantasy Flight Games’ Descent. A sprawling classic of the genre, Descent had large maps and devious encounters all stage-managed by an Overlord – being D&D without the fuss of role-playing. However it is a pain to set-up and play – usually taking several hours. Thankfully, newer sleeker versions like Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon appeared. However, there’s a new bad boy on the block – with a rather unique art design that puts it above the rest – welcome  Super Dungeon Explore. Read the rest of this entry »

Image Tax: It’s Night And You’re Wearing Shades And Thigh-Highs…

15 08 2011

…that must be cold.

Mario Wibisono knows how to draw women, that cannot be denied.

Source: deviantart

Blood On My Fists: Reign Of Assassins

15 08 2011

Nostalgia sometimes blinds us. Some of the old kung fu movies were really crap – at least in the non-fight departments. The only thing that they had going for them was the exuberant energy provided by the performers; the plots were thin, the sound was crap, and the camera work stilted. However, we’ve come a long way from the 70s, and the 80s and the 90s refined the techniques that gave us classics like Once Upon A Time In China and Swordsman.

Well, it’s the 21st century and I can honestly say that Reign of Assasins or Jianyu Jianghu, as it is known in the Chinese market, is another martial arts classic in the vein of the best of the genre. Read the rest of this entry »

On The Shelf: The Official xxxHolic Guide

15 08 2011

One of the joys of living in the Philippines is we are the black hole of English-language books. Or rather, this is where books go to die. Being one of the biggest consumers of English books in the world, we get our share of the brand-new stuff – but the real prize, especially for people with tight budgets – is the remaindered stuff. You know, the extra stock that never get sold by publishers, either through overprinting or whatever.

So our second-hand bookstores take it all in and sell them at bargain basement prices. Booksale Philippines is arguably the largest chain of second-hand bookstores in the country and they carry a very wide selection of books – of course, the fact that they circulate their books through branches means that what you saw in one branch last month may end up somewhere in the Visayas next week.

Anyway, with the manga mania abroad, it’s understandable that quite a few manga books end up on their shelves. This one though is a find. Costing $13 before shipping on Amazon, the Official xxxHolic Guide costs a cheap 180 Philippine pesos – that $4 – without shipping. There’s several copies in several Booksales in Metro Manila, all of them still shrink wrapped or at least in good condition. Check them out for several more bargains.

Like A Thief In The Night: Ninjato and Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan

15 08 2011

The kids above may not look deadly – but they only mask the secret deadliness within. Or at least I think so.

Anyway, the Japanese shinobi or shadow warrior has been the topic of many a game – however, they’re mostly video games. Thankfully someone has decided to remedy that condition. Two someones actually. That’s right, two ninja board games are coming soon and they will definitely be added to my collection. They’re Z-Man Games’ Ninjato and AEG’s Ninja: Legend of The Scorpion Clan.

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Image Tax: It’s Mating Season!

15 08 2011

Because Daffy doesn’t do it as well as Bugs.

Source: Tumblr

Screensaver Madness: Have The SNSD Girls Take Over Your PC

10 08 2011

It maybe a year old now but it never gets old.

Last year, DAUM, a popular Korean search engine had the girls of SNSD – more popularly known as Girl’s Generation to millions of red-blooded men worldwide – make a screensaver for them. As seen above it’s a combination of cuteness and hotness that will overload anyone’s senses. Want more? Check the Youtube link for the download link.