Why You Should Own FFG’s New Civilization Boardgame Now

27 11 2010

Yeah, play this now

For the past few weeks, after putting down my credit card to buy this baby, I can honestly say that I’ve got more value out of it than any other of my game purchases – even the CCG ones. Now I’m here to tell you why you should be playing this. And even though I’ve played it a ton of times, I always forget to take pics, so I’ll have to source my images from Boardgamegeek.

So, on with the show!

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Sandwich Guy And Sicilian Pizza

23 11 2010

Pizza and SandwichesI like food.

I like food a lot. Mostly because food makes me feel good. The only reason I don’t do drugs is because food is a whole lot better. ¬†Good food, much more so.

Food is better than people. Food isn’t judgmental. It doesn’t make you feel like shit (except if you ate it spoiled – but then ¬†that’s your fault). Food doesn’t stand you up on dates. Food doesn’t judge you by your looks. It’s mostly got these traits because it’s a non-sentient thing – but hey, I can take what I can get.

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November 5 and November 12 Gaming Night @ Hobbymania

16 11 2010

Arkham Is Saved By Deals With The Devil

The Late Horror comes!

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Figure Review: Sylvanas Windrunner

4 11 2010

From newsarama.com

I don’t often buy figs – but when I do, I always buy pretty stuff. Up above’s a pro shot of DC Unlimited’s Sylvanas Windrunner. Bought it on a whim as I passed by a Datablitz as I went home. Horrible cellphone cam pics below the cut.

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Friday Nights @ Hobbymania October 29

1 11 2010

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