Friday Nights @ Hobbymania October 29

1 11 2010

Had another great night of gaming at Hobbymania last Friday. There were six of us since Mark brought his brother Erwin along, so we decided to group into threes and start the games.

The evening started off with a few rounds of Guillotine, but we quickly moved on to the main event: Runewars! Jay had a Sauron fig and it stood vigil over our attempt to ruin Terrinoth for dragon runes.

For the uninformed, Runewars is a Fantasy Flight Game that simulates a fantasy setting going into war and conflict as each faction races towards possessing six map tiles with dragon runes. Here’s the map before the festivities started.

Terrinoth before hostilities

It’s looking pretty blank. But it gets filled up quick with heroes, neutral monsters and player units. There are four factions: the humans, the elves, the orcs and the undead. We were only three players so the elves got to sit it out after a random draw. The great thing about the game is that the map changes every game – we construct it at the beginning; so every game is fresh and fun. I’ve played it several times and I can say that I would play it weekly or at least once a month. Here’s the populated board:

Note the advancing orcish hordes, along with the neutral white unit minding its own business.

Anyway, the game is played over a period of six game years. Each year has four seasons. Per season, each player has the season effects and one order to execute. At the end of the six game years, if no one has won, then it’s the person with most number of runes in play. Orders range from moving units to acquiring political influence- and they all provide multiple strategies for winning.

This is because there’s only one victory condition: gaining six dragon runes – and each facet of the game has a way to get you those dragon runes. Heroes can get you rewards and dragon runes during quests, winning political votes can award you dragon runes, finally, taking over other people’s territory can net you dragon runes.

Anyway, Mark and Erwin were learning the ropes – but they got the handle of it quickly and we had a great game.  We managed to blow up a city – which was awarded to Sauron.

Sauron holds a destroyed city

Anyway, mostly because of the map construction, we just met in the middle o fight it out. However, my heroes were running around completing quests to get me those dragon runes. Mark kept on bidding during the political votes so that he could be rewarded dragon runes. Erwin kept smashing into my lines – thankfully, a recruiting boom in Spring gave me fresh troops to hold the line.

In the end, the undead heroes did their job and netted me the dragon runes I needed to win.


The whole game took us over two hours or so.  We were pooped so we decided to close the night with Dixit.

Dixit’s a French game that uses creativitty. Each player has a set of cards with great surrealistic artwork on them. The current player mentions a clue to his proposed card and everyone else submits their own cards that feel that share the same clue. If everyone correctly guesses the current player’s card, they all get points. If only some guess, the current player receives points along with those that guessed right. Finally, if no one guesses right, then al other players get points.  You also get points if someone else thinks your card is the right one, you get points.

The game is a race to 30 points and is a very relaxing experience to play.  A great finisher to a great night.




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