November 5 and November 12 Gaming Night @ Hobbymania

16 11 2010

Arkham Is Saved By Deals With The Devil

The Late Horror comes!

Well, skipped a week of blogging and now have to really catch up. This pretty much covers the last two weeks of Hobbymania fun. First of all, November 5 was supposed to be about card games but Myth totally blew that plan apart. And last Friday, we had Arkham Horror night, with the new Lurker at the Threshold expansion.

Myth and Death Angel

First of all, forgot to take pics when we started so I only have these for the two card games we started with. Death Angel is Space Hulk the Card Game and is totally worth the price. It’s a great game that manages to create suspense and displays the strength of what coop and card games can do.  Trying it out was great and even though we started with eight Space Marines and got slaughtered down to three, we had great fun blowing things up. Myth was a bit of a bust. It sounded good on paper but me and the guys were unprepared for the complete screwfest that it became. Seriously, the screwage was so thick that we needed screwdrivers. Anyway, I liked the game and the Genzoman art was great, but definitely not a regular game thing for us guys. Maybe for a more violent crew.

Screw Castro, I'm Oppresing Y'all

To get over that mess, we tried out Cuba, a great worker-placement game that hit the spot. It went fast and pretty smooth after a little explanation from Jay and he ended up winning. Anyway, that helped us recover enough for Innovation.


Civ: The Card Game

Innovation is a great civ-building game that focuses on technological progress. Essentially, all you do is put tech on the board and do their actions. However, the game is deep and very interactive.  It’s one of the best card games I played this year and definitely something I want to own a copy of – plus it takes only 30 minutes to an hour to play. Fast, furious and fun, with a host of winning strategies, the game has become a regular session ender.


Key Largo

And for last week’s session, before we jumped into Arkham Horror, we played Key Largo. The games about treasure-hunting, but it’s more about being efficient. The game has that great French flavor I like: Euro-gameplay with deep themes and the French always deliver. Almost won, but got beaten out by Daniel’s two Jewels in the end game.


How Close To Doom We Came

Then we played Arkham Horror! Jay’s definitely found the sweet spot for this game as we finished in two hours. And the great thing about it was that I was the only person who did not make a deal with the Devil.

Lost In Time And Space - With A Guy On My Back

The Lurker expansion adds these pacts with the Lurker – essentially deals with the devil as you sacrifice your soul, blood and whatever to the dark powers to make sure other darker powers don’t win. Weeeeell, obviously everyone wanted in on that sweet deal, except for me. All I had was a trusty tommy gun and a stick of dynamite. Everyone else did the hard work of closing the gates, while I proceeded to kill everything that wasn’t human on the board – didn’t need to make a deal with the devil to do that. Yeah, I went insane a few times, but that’s pretty much par for the course.

In the end, we won. So everyone else burned in hell, while I relaxed. Bwahahahaha.

That’s it for the last two weeks, and here’s hoping to being more regular this time around.




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