Sandwich Guy And Sicilian Pizza

23 11 2010

Pizza and SandwichesI like food.

I like food a lot. Mostly because food makes me feel good. The only reason I don’t do drugs is because food is a whole lot better.  Good food, much more so.

Food is better than people. Food isn’t judgmental. It doesn’t make you feel like shit (except if you ate it spoiled – but then  that’s your fault). Food doesn’t stand you up on dates. Food doesn’t judge you by your looks. It’s mostly got these traits because it’s a non-sentient thing – but hey, I can take what I can get.

SandwichesAnyway, here’s my first food post. I was walking around Alphaland Mall at Mantrade and saw this nice pairing of food shops: Sicilian Pizza and The Sandwich Guy. I like sandwiches and I like pizza, so since I was hungry, I dropped by to sample their wares.

Grilled Cheese

First of all, the sandwich. I only ordered a grilled cheese one because I’m a cheapskate, but these guys had a whole array of choices to pick from. I’d have gone for something more expensive but I was already getting a pizza. Anyway, they use good bread and good cheese – and they mix it up just right. Admittedly, it’s hard to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich and high-quality ingredients usually mean high-quality results. Anyway, these guys have a branch near my office so I can probably taste their other offerings, too. Pretty cheap, too. Their products range from 55 pesos to 130 pesos for the big ones.

Cheese Pizza

Look at that – trust me, it was a great eat. Sicilian pizza’s dough is supposed to be thick and you can see that thickness right there. It’s pretty chewy and soft in the mouth – a very appetizing mix. It’s a bit different from your normal pizza – I could taste the tomatoes in the sauce, plus I think there was a herbal tang to it, maybe pesto or basil. Pretty pleasant on the tongue and a nice change of pace from the usual Metro Manila pizza. Want to try the other flavors, but I only know of this branch. The other great thing about Sicilian Pizza is that it’s cheap. Their most expensive is the whole enchilada at 250 pesos. Though at just 10 inches any of them will probably fill the stomach of one or two people and give up to four people a nice snack.




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