Are You Ready To Die2Nite?

9 12 2010

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Well, another delayed post – but to make up for it, it’s double post day! Both of them happen to be browser games and they’re pretty good for free to play.

First one up is the recently opened game, Die2Nite.

All images Courtesy of the die2nite website.

Zombies have been cluttering up the zeitgeist for awhile. Everything from parody books to video games have been flooded by horde of flesh-eating antagonists out for your flesh. A browser-based zombie game isn’t new. There’s the excellent Urban Dead and it’s still going strong.

Die2Nite, however, does something original. Everyone expects an MMO browser game. No one expects an mMO – a miniature multiplayer online game. The designers decided to strip out the massive part and concentrate on limiting players to 40-member groups.


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When you sign up – which is for free – you get assigned to a random town of 40 people. And your job is to make sure that town survives as long as possible against an ever-increasing horde of zombies. Some of your town mates will be douchebags, some of them will be heroes, some of them will be sheep. It’s pretty much a social experiment on how a disparate group of people get along.

No man is an island, as the song goes, and it’s quite obvious in the game. If you and your town mates don’t cooperate , you’ll end up as zombie chow. You help out by scavenging the wastelands and contributing to the communal coffers – coffers that need to be filled with supplies to build better defenses, irrigation and manufacturing capacity. You can be an asshole and hog stuff for yourself – even steal stuff from other players; but that’s the short way to the gallows. People can post complaints about you and when they hit a threshold you either get hung or are sent to the wastelands.

The game is bayanihan in motion. Versus zombies. People pitch in to build walls, rescue people from the wastes, even to vote for upgrades.

Of course, the inevitable doom is there – your town will eventually fall to the hordes but you get points for each day it survives. A hundred points earns you a right to become a hero – one of the special classes available to players. Plus, if you’re the last man standing in the village you get the same reward. All of which goes to helping your next village.

Images courtesy of die2nite


Make no mistake though – it’s deadly out there. I’ve died of infection, eaten by zombies when I got locked out of the town, and well, when someone forgot to close the gates before the zombies attacked. Now that was unforgettable.

I’d suggest giving it a go if your cup of tea is social contact and zombies – a weird combination, I know. So, if it wasn’t obvious yet, head on over to and join a town.




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