KFC Stands For Korean Fried Chicken: Bonchon Chicken

5 01 2011

After a couple of days of quick posts, here’s something substantial. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it.

First of all, if it isn’t obvious, I’m trying out the newly opened Bonchon Chicken here in Makati. There are two branches – one’s at the Ayala Triangle and the other one’s at Greenbelt. The Greenbelt one is bigger and probably will be less crowded that the Ayala Triangle one, so I recommend going there.

It’s pretty clear that with a name like Bonchon Chicken or Chicken Bonchon – the packaging wasn’t clear which was supposed to go first – the menu will be full of chicken. And it is – however, if you were expecting KFC, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Bonchon’s specialty is Korean fried chicken – still KFC – which is a whole different beast. First of all, you’ll notice that they either only serve wings or drumsticks; no breasts or other parts – though chicken fillets are available. ¬†They’re pretty small parts but each serving can be more than one – which is a good thing because trust me, you won’t be eating just one.

Secondly, Korean fried chicken is double-fried while dipped in different sauces and spices. Here’s the result:

That’s their soy garlic version. You notice the lack of gravy – trust me, you won’t miss it from the sheer flavor packed into each piece. I really want to try the spicy version now. Plus, there’s scarcely any grease on it, unlike normal fried chicken – so the only thing you get on your hands when you pick one up to scarf on is the sauce – which is a delight to lick off your fingers.

Personally, while adding rice to mix works – Bonchon Chicken would probably be the best pulutan ever. Something that the proprietors know with their inclusion of beer on their menu list. An additional benefit is that for the quality of the product, their prices are cheap. You can have a decent meal for less than 150 pesos – or you can feed the entire family with less than 1000 pesos – with leftovers.

Definitely a place to return to and to spread word about.




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5 01 2011

gusto ko siyang matry!

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