Figure Review: Alathena Moonbreeze And Sorna

12 01 2011

Image From DC Direct Website

Argh… back from Internet Death! Anyway, to get me back into the full swing of things, here’s a figure review of the other elf in my WoW figure collection: Alathena Moonbreeze! Above’s a picture of the lovely elven lass’ prototype

Alathena was part of DC Direct’s Series 5 of World of Warcraft figures – and you can literally see the progress from the initial not-exactly-there Valeera Sanguinar to this baby.

There she is, on my ignoble bedroom floor. As you can see that there are marked differences from the prototype; the hair is bluish, while the balance stand is moved to the back leg. However, they keep the same Night Elf stripperrific dress and pose – not that I’m complaining. That’s the main reason I bought this piece after all.

The figure stands around at 7-8 inches tall and will be an impressive sight on any table or shelf. DC Direct’s sculptors and painters have managed to blend themselves seamlessly as always, and it is a joy to look at.

It’s got minor points of articulation in the bow hand – just enough to swing the bow from vertical to horizontal. Sorna, the owl, unfortunately is no detachable. I could have done without him, but he does add something to the model – giving it a sense of additional dynamism. Here’s a close-up of the pair.

Just marvelous – lithe muscles stand out and the taut upper-body and legs make it sexy without being slutty – despite the outfit. DC’s managed to avoid the missteps of the early figures and make some pretty nice WoW figures. Makes me expectant of their Mass Effect and Dragon Age line coming this year.

One of my best buys and is currently available at Data Blitz stores nationwide for just 999 pesos last I checked.




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