Something That Can Grow On You

2 02 2011
Ah, sleeping. I think I did that once, years ago.
Image Courtesy of RockPaperShotgun

Flash games are now an ubiquitous part of online life. I mean everyone’s wasted a minute or two playing these timewasters. They’re plentiful but forgettable. However, there are quite  few diamonds in the rough. One of them is the Grow series of games. Devilishly well-made, these puzzle games are the brainchild of ON and he keeps them all on his website. Controls are intuitive –  just point and click, while the premise is just as simple: activate the items in a specific order to reach the desired goal.

Why am I talking about them? well, ON’s cooked up another one of his puzzles and it’s ready for perusal.  If you want a bit of a brainburner for free, head on down there and check out GROW cannon and try to wake up that sleepy fellow up.






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