Catching Up With Fridays@Hobbymania

17 02 2011

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Well, I was writing up a massive, massive review of every Friday Night@Hobbymania for the past few months – but, alas, my memory and the forgetting to save thing got in the way.  In lieu of a detailed accounting, delight in the slideshow above and the descriptions below:

– I kicked the God of Death and Rebirth’s ass as a furry in Runebound using the Mists of Zinaga expansion. Contrary to being an aimless dicefest it now became an Arkham Horror-type game – though this time a single man – or mancat as the case maybe – could take down a god.

– Was Sister Teresa in Nun On The Run. She was sneaking around after curfew for a slice of cake. Almost reached my rooms, but alas, Sister Celestine managed to get back first with her bottle of opium. Yes, it was that sort of game.

– Was a captain of Industry. I’m either horrible or great at economic games on the first round – I was horrible this time.

– Went on to lead an Automobile company. Was not so horrible at it – if not for an unfortunate loan, I’d have won.

– Put Intrigo on the table – a delightful little filler that had a last round with almost all of us having a chance at winning. Turn order and smart plays decided the winner of this Venetian intrigue game.

– Played 7 Wonders – a nice little civilization building game that lasts only 30 minutes. Definitely deserves being one of the games of the year. Won one game out of three that had over seven players in each.

– Tried to conquer the rum-running industry during Prohibition in Bootleggers – essentially another economic game –  which means I lost. Alas, my kingdom for another rum truck!

Incan Gold, the world’s most elaborate game of multi-player Chicken, in which you are explorers delving a heavily-trap-laden Incan temple, also happens to be very fast. Got in several games with a one win. Alas my poor native workers died via fire, snakes, demon children and rocks falling on their heads.

– Sirlin,  the Streetfighter gaming genius, released Yomi, essentially a non-collectible one-on-one card game with ten decks in the original set and it is rocking. Was Jaina and Hitsuki and kicked ass. Simple and intuitive, plus a 54-card deck for every chara is great. 100 dollars a box for the complete game and a two very beautiful playmats is a great deal.

– Finally, played Sid Sackson’s classic investing game I’m The Boss. Miscalculated in the math and ended up handing someone else the win. Still, them’s the breaks.

Really, that much fun for 30 pesos a night can’t be beat. Friday Nights@ Hobbymania is open to anyone willing to come – plus, Hobbymania is always open Monday to Saturday for those wanting to play; my friend, Jay Mata, the proprietor knows all the games by heart and is willing to teach.




2 responses

23 02 2011

Ha ha ha, laro tayo ulit your furriness!

25 02 2011

Hahaha siyempre!

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