Fridays@Hobbymania February 25

27 02 2011

Image courtesy of Boardgamegeek

We only managed to play two games this Friday – but they were pretty good.

First of all, we played a rousing game of Cyclades, a great civilization game based on Greek myths. Players are seeking to be the first to build two metropolises in the isles of the Aegean. Throughout the game they petition the gods and various mythological creatures for help. It was a pretty fierce game and  there was a lot of going back and forth. However, in the end, he, or rather she, with the most gold wins. Thea, a new regular, air-dropped a horde of troops on my island and claimed victory by building her second metropolis. Pity, I forgot to take pics of the game.

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After that, we played a “fixed” game of Shogun. I mean “fixed” in the way that I finally figured why the first time we played the game, it was so horrible.

Shogun is another game about Feudal Japan and it’s based on another game called Wallenstein. The biggest thing that makes it so unique is the use of the battle tower – a t0wer where battle cubes are thrown in to determine the winner of military battles. It’s a pretty funky mechanism and great fun.

Well, as for the game, I managed to figure out the rules right this time and we played with the decent minimum of players. You can play it with three, but I think four or five would be the best. Anything less and the game won’t be fun. We had a blast playing out the first year – but we had to end early because of unforeseen circumstances.

Anyway, hope to play it again next week!




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