Fridays@Hobbymania: April 10 edition

24 04 2011

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Another really delayed post. I really need to standardize my posting. Le sigh.

Anyway, it was a nice relaxing Friday last last week and managed to squeeze in a quick game of Nightfall and an epic game of the new Merchants and Marauders.

Let’s talk about the games first.

Nightfall is one of Alderac Entertainment Group’s forays into the wider world of board/cardgaming. It’s essentially one of the many Dominion clones that have started popping up.

The game is essentially a card-based combat game using customizable decks – decks that get to be customized on the fly. Originally, such games didn’t have much combat. The words “multi-player solitaire” have been bandied about  to describe such game. Well, Nightfall won’t be getting any of those accusations. This is a very combat-based game.

It’s pretty much vampires vs. werewolves vs. humans. the goal of the game is to be the one with the least amount of wounds at the end of the game. Every turn, players attack each other and play and buy cards to put into their decks and into play. Game ends when all the wound cards in the wound stack are gone.

It’s pretty simple and we had a blast playing. Played it two times and everything got wild and wooly.  Sadly I didn’t win both times.

Anyway, the other star of the night was Merchants and Marauders. If you’ve ever played Sid Meier’s Pirates and enjoyed it, this game should be up your alley.

Players take the role of captains during the Golden age of Piracy, and they race to reach 10 Glory Points. This can be done by being a great merchant or a vicious pirate. Along the way you can  earn glory by fulfilling missions or hunting down rumors. It is a very good game – with ships aplenty and naval battles.

Won the game by doing a 4 Glory point leap – ransacked a Spanish merchant vessel, discarded my mission card for additional Glory, discarded a rumor card for another Glory point – then sailed into port to deposit my earnings. A great game to end the night on and fun to boot.




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