The Ultimate Hobbymania Post

27 04 2011

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Alas, last Monday, Hobbymania, my main hangout for boardgaming closed. It’s been three long years – a long, fun ride, but it had to end sometime.

Anyway, the Friday before Holy Week, we had the last Friday@Hobbymania and a blast was had by all. I managed to play War Of The Ring, Homesteaders, and Merchants and Marauders.

How I Screwed Over Middle Earth

I arrived early so I decided to play a game I’ve never played before – mostly because it was a two-player game: War of The Ring. Essentially, it retells the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy in game form, with one player controlling the Free Nations and the other being Sauron. I took control of the Free Nations and I… completely drove them into the ground.

Well, technically, the game helped. The Sauron player is strong – and Jay was lucky so he always kept finding the Fellowship. In the end, Gandalf and Aragorn bit it and we died on the slopes of Mount Doom as Minas Tirith and Lorien were burned to ashes. And that is why you never put me in command of the forces of good.

The game itself is great fun but it is big – very big and it is a bitch to set-up. Get a few games under your belt and the game should be more even – but start out as Sauron before going to the Light Side.

Next up was Homesteaders.


A nice little economic game, it simulates the boomtowns of the American West. I did a lot better in this one, garnering third place because of smart building and lots of money. The auction system is lots of fun. It, unfortunately, has low production values but it’s got enough game to it for me to ignore that.

A lot of ships sank that night

With more experienced players and five people joining in, we played another game of Merchants and Marauders. I loved it last time and I still love it. With people who know the rules and how the game goes, everyone was scrambling around doing their things – one of those things was dying. Most everyone on the board died a few times. It’s pretty telling that Rolf, the winner, didn’t die at all. Ship combats aplenty and storms raging across the Caribbean ended many a career – but it was fun and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, we ended the night on a high note and I said farewell to Hobbymania. I’m gonna miss that place.

Hopefully, I’ll find another great place to game.




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