Games: King Of Tokyo

25 05 2011

Don’t you sometimes just want to sit down, buckle up, and rip downtown Tokyo to shreds?

Well then, King of Tokyo is the game for you!

This light dice game is primarily concerned with one thing: going Godzilla on your opponent’s ass. All of your opponents. Designed by Richard Garfield, of Magic fame, in it you play one of several monster menaces that manage to threaten Japan’s capital on a regular basis. This time, they’re all converging on the city to determine who really deserves the title of King of Tokyo.

If you’ve played Yahtzee, then you’ll be familiar with how this game works. Every turn, players roll dice to determine what they can do – damage other players, charge up energy, or just rampage all over the city. To assist with the mayhem, you can play cards to utterly mess with your opponent With a maximum of six players, this can quickly become a chaotic free-for-all.  The game ends when the fiercest monster holds the title of King of Tokyo.

If you’re interested in buying this, it’s already on order at Gaming Library for PHP 1,610.




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