Gaming: Yomi

25 05 2011

One of the prime movers of the current resurgence in hobby gaming is the unbeatable juggernaut of the CCG.  Part of this is because card games have always been pretty popular. I mean, all you need is a deck of card and people who know the rules, and you’ve got a game going – though most of the time it’s more of a multiplayer affair.

Well, thanks to the head-to-head nature of CCGs, two-player card games are having their time in the sun. Here’s a look at one of the better ones: Yomi.

Yomi is a card game designed to simulate the one-on-one battles of your favorite arcade fighting game. Each character has a deck of cards that represent his or her moves and you and another player with a deck beat each other up.

The system used in Yomi is a hybrid of Poker and Rock-Paper-Scissors – a very lightweight rules system that lends itself well to fast and furious battles. Here’s a simple rundown:

a) There are three moves – attacks, blocks/dodge, throws.

b) Each player plays one card simultaneously. Attacks beat throws, throws beat dodge, blocks beat attacks and defender draws a card , dodge allows a counterattack against blocks. Whoever gets beaten receives damage. If you play the same offensive card, speed factor determines the winner. Plus, there are joker cards that beats all types.

c) Successful attacks let you combo moves.

d) Winner is the last man standing.

It’s a very elegant system and all the characters are pretty balanced. Definitely a buy if you’re looking for a good non-CCG game.

To get Yomi, you can either order the 10-deck pack or a two-deck set at Gaming Library. You can also buy print-and-play PDFs online – or even play it for free online here.




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