On The Shelf: Power Struggle

25 05 2011

Here’s a new feature on Nerdsamurai. One of the biggest difficulties in hobby gaming here in the Philippines is that we have to import a whole lot of stuff. Some of the retail outlets pick up the slack and Gaming Library is fast becoming a wonderful resource for buying games. However, new games can be a touch expensive.

One of the simpler ways to lighten the price load of games is to buy second-hand stuff. Well, that’s what the Off The Shelf feature on Nerdsamurai is about. Prospective sellers of hobby games send me their stuff and I make posts about them and provide contact info for the parties involved. Plus, I’m doing it for free. Expect a daily Off The Shelf post from me, so you can see what’s available out there before shelling out the big bucks.

For our inaugural post, here’s Power Struggle!

Here’s the description from Z-man Games:

Welcome to the world of the powerful, of those who pull the right strings at the right time from the shadows of the big companies. Each player becomes one of these people, trying to increase their power and influence by hiring Employees, creating New Departments and taking over the sought-after positions of Divisional Heads to procure influence and privileges. Divisional Heads can resign to join the Board of Directors (in the hopes of becoming the Chairman, of course) or get hired as an External Consultant. All the while, players are investing in stocks and bribing other players to make their way to the top.

It’s  a very good game of bidding and auctioning – and a very nice progression from Monopoly as an economic game.

Anyway, here are the available copies:


Price: P2,100

Condition: Mint quality. Played only once. Cards are sleeved.

Contact info: Cellphone +639178422315, or email at dyeyk2000@gmail.com.

If you have your own copy to sell, send me a line and I’ll put up your details.




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