Gaming Library Announces Kickstart Program!

26 05 2011

Gaming Library has been shaking up the local hobby gaming scene with cheap prices and dependable service. Personally, I’ve been planning to order from them for awhile, but like the blog tagline says “Filipino budget” – which means I’m broke for awhile. But with their prices and their vision, they have my money above anyone else.

Anyway, they’re planning to shake things up again with their Kickstart program! Click below for the entire announcement:

The Gaming Library Kickstart’s! objective is to be able to launch the start of the ascension of board gaming here in the Philippines. It is the event’s objective to increase awareness, promote Education through Recreation and of course build meaningful bonds between people.
It is here where we will introduce the public gaming groups concept, where everyone can just join in the fun and learning by just signing up to a gaming group! Now you can make friends and play all sorts of board games without having worries of looking for people to play with or not having any board games at all.
Gaming Library Kickstart! will feature tons of demo games across all categories, from Thematic to Euros to Gateway to Family to War to Party games. We want to make sure that everyone will get a chance to see and try all the types of board games as much as possible so that you can see what you like best! We will be having our leaders there ready to teach and guide groups into learning sessions of games.
Gaming Library desires to break down the walls of money. We want to make this event be available to everyone without having to spend so much and as such, Gaming Library will be launching the Kickstarter Program from now until June 16. The Kickstarter program will feature new games that are ON SALE, HEAVILY DISCOUNTED BELOW COST.  All proceeds will go to the eventual success of Gaming Library Kickstart! Raised Funds will go to the payment of venue, facilities (tables, chairs), security and manpower and other misc. fees
Details of the event to be announced by next week June 1.
I will be updating this blog with the total amount raised for Gaming Library Kickstart!
Now you get to avail of your favorite games at a very affordable cause and be part of something big, something awesome.
                  Gaming Library member, MAKE AN IMPACT!
Gaming Library Kickstart Funds Tracker: —
Sincerely Yours,
Hans Kenner Fernandez,
Founder, Gaming Library
PS. We have something more up in our sleeves, something that will make everyone’s ears tickle. But that will be for another day, after the success of the Kickstart program.
PSS. For any inquiries, post here or contact me at
PSSS. I would really appreciate it if you would share this on your Facebook wall or refer people to this blog.
PSSSS. You can also discuss this on our forums. Simply click here!
Thank You and God bless! :)

There you have it folk! Be on the vanguard of gaming change in the Philippines and pitch in and buy some cheap games.




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