On The Shelf: Nightfall

26 05 2011

Sometimes you just want some rip-and-tear fun, for that there’s Nightfall!

Here’s the description from at Alderac.com :

Nightfall is the deck-building game of modern horror action from Alderac Entertainment Group.  Designed by David Gregg, Nightfall puts players in control of minions of the night, fighting one another for control of an Earth shrouded in eternal night. Werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and those who fight them see no need to hide from the public, waging their war in the streets.  Featuring direct head-to-head game play, card drafting, and the unique “chain” mechanic, Nightfall is unlike any other deckbuilding game on the market.

A fast and furious deck-building game – but widely different from other because of the inclusion of head-to-head combat, this is sure to get traditional collectible card gamers into the deck-building craze.

Here are the available copies:


Price: P1,200

Condition: Excellent quality. Played only 5x. Cards are sleeved. Contest Giveaway Edition. Rulebook misplaced (but I can print a copy of the rules)

Contact info: Cellphone +639178422315, or email at dyeyk2000@gmail.com.

If you have your own copy to sell, send me a line and I’ll put up your details.




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