Martial Arts Classics: Against The Drunken Cat’s Paws

30 05 2011

And now for something completely different…

After all the game-related posts last week, I’m throwing in a small post about another one of my interests: martial arts movies! And not just any martial arts movie – it’s one of the old classics that most people miss when talking about the oeuvre. Anyway, let’s talk about: Against The Drunken Cat’s Paws a.k.a. No One Can Touch Her and a sundry other titles.

Starring one of Hong Kong’s many impressive female martial artists, Judy Lee a.k.a. Chia Ling, here’s a short summary of the plot:

A young girl who was blinded by bandits strives to regain her sight and learn martial arts skills in order to possess the fighting prowess necessary to exact revenge.

Sounds like your basic chop-socky plot, right? Well, it sounds cookie-cutter but it throws in quite a few twists that make it an enjoyable watch. Mostly because Judy Lee as the young blind girl also happens to masquerade as a drunk vagrant while hunting down the thirteen martial arts bandits who massacred her martial arts school. Ignore some of the glaring problems and the annoying kid sidekick (who still manages to show off some pretty good moves) and you’ll be having a good time watching this gem. Plus, if you’re a fan of Jet Lee’s Once Upon A Time In China series, you’ll recognize “Brother Blind”‘s theme easily.

Where to watch it? Well, it’s up on Youtube for free!

Here’s the first part:




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