On The Shelf: Small World

30 06 2011

The rise and fall of civilizations may sound like a deep topic, but with only a couple of rules, that’s exactly what Small World simulates on its aptly-named board.

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Image Tax: Because Jim Lee Needs To Redesign Everything

29 06 2011

Everyone’s up in arms about the upcoming DC reboot. One of the things everyone’s hollering about is Jim Lee pretty much redesigning everyone’s iconic superheroes. Well, this isn’t the first time he’s done it. Last year’s Mad Magazine, which is also coincidentally owned by DC, published the above¬†poster for their Spy Vs. Spy special. Pretty nice looking – though did Jim really have to put some boobs/cleavage on White Spy…

Incidentally, it’s been 50 years since Black and White started killing each other – here’s to another 50 more.

Source: TheIdiotical.com

On The Shelf: Android

26 06 2011

Been slacking off with the blogging for awhile – mostly because work is a pain in the ass right now, but hopefully I’ll get things normalized back here with this post.

Anyway, here’s another one for those who played Clue when they were young, but want to take it to another level. Android is the future of murder.

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On The Shelf: Shadow Hunters

14 06 2011

Having a lot players can occasionally be a problem. There aren’t many games that reach the eight-player mark that are still enjoyable. However, if you want a fun evening of party paranoia, Shadow Hunters should do the trick.

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On The Shelf: Rush n’ Crush

6 06 2011

What’s better than winning a race? Well, wining it by blowing everyone else to smithereens! Which is exactly what Rush n’ Crush delivers.

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Image Tax: Because The Name “Stark” Didn’t Start In The North

6 06 2011

Because you want Tony Stark to be king of Westeros.

Source: Winter Is Coming, Bitches