Games: Ca$h ‘n Gun$

3 06 2011

Have you ever seen Reservoir Dogs? Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 modern gangster flick is a classic of the genre – mostly because of he classic stand-off sequence. You just can’t beat the pure iconic imagery of it: guys in suits aiming guns at each other in a stalemate.

Well, the fun thing with board games is that you can do a lot of things with it – and one of them is to simulate that stand off. That’s where Ca$h ‘n Gun$  comes in.

The game’s concept is very simple: you’re a bunch of gangsters and you’ve just come back from a successful heist. Since there is no honor among thieves, this isn’t going to be a fair division of spoils. No – you’re going to let your guns and bullets do the talking. Unfortunately you have a limited amount of bullets. That’s where the game gets funky.

Game-wise, Ca$h ‘n Gun$ is played across several rounds. Each round, cash counters is randomly thrown into the pot each player loads his gun with bullets or blanks – of which you only have a total of eight. This is done by placing one of your “bullet” cards. After this is done, everyone simultaneously aims their foam guns at each other. Now players have a choice to back down. When a player back down, he gets a “chicken” token – and does not suffer from the effects of the gun aimed at him, whether it be loaded with real or blank bullets. However, he won’t be part of the share of the loot. Now all cards are revealed – if you get shot, you get wounded and receive no part of the loot. If you have three wound tokens then you’re out of the game. Anyone left standing, gets an equal share of the loot and another round begins. At the end of eight rounds, the one with the most money and is still alive, wins. That’s just the basic game – there are more advanced rules that create variants and throw in powers and new objectives.

A very simple and enjoyable party game for 4-6 players, this is definitely something to liven up your night. The mechanisms of bluffing, brinkmanship, and simple card counting comes into play. Better get a copy from Gaming Library if you want to try it out. There are also the expansions that add players and new weapons to the mix.




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