On The Shelf: Rush n’ Crush

6 06 2011

What’s better than winning a race? Well, wining it by blowing everyone else to smithereens! Which is exactly what Rush n’ Crush delivers.

Combining the racing game aesthetic with combat is not something new. Car Wars did it first after all. Still, we haven’t seen a game like that in a long time. Thankfully, the French are on the case. This French import hits the right spot of bloodthirsty combat and adrenaline-boosting speed.

Here’s the summary from the game’s English website:

A game by Frédéric Henry, Charly Cazals and Guillaume Blossier

When you weld guns and armor onto a race car, you need some real psychos to drive them. But we did it. Why?

Because chaos is fun!

A race where anything goes and with room for only one on the podium. Break-neck speed and road-rage are not only encouraged, they are required! The only ways to finish Rush N’ Crush are as the winner, or as one of many losers. The first driver across the finish line wins, the rest clearly haven’t got what it takes to be on the Rush N’ Crush track. Though before its over some may definitely be left on the track.

What about you, hot-shot?
Are you a Rush N’ Crush racer
or a loser with a soap box pedal car?

Boasting a modular board and several modes of play, expect to have many hours of enjoyment with this baby.

If you’re looking for a copy, you can contact the following:


Cellphone number: 09195208623

One copy, sealed for PhP 2000




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