On The Shelf: Android

26 06 2011

Been slacking off with the blogging for awhile – mostly because work is a pain in the ass right now, but hopefully I’ll get things normalized back here with this post.

Anyway, here’s another one for those who played Clue when they were young, but want to take it to another level. Android is the future of murder.

Here’s the description from Boardgamegeek:

Android is a board game of murder and conspiracy set in a dystopian future. Detectives travel between the city of New Angeles and moon colony Heinlein chasing down leads, calling in favors, and uncovering the sinister conspiracy beneath it all. The detectives must balance their pursuit of the murderer against their personal lives and their inner demons. Android’s innovative mechanics ensure that no two detectives play alike. Will you play as Louis Blaine, the crooked cop tormented by guilt and loss? Or will you take the role of Caprice Nisei, the psychic clone who struggles to retain her sanity while proving that she’s as human as anyone else? Whoever you choose to play, you’ve got just two weeks to solve the murder, uncover the conspiracy, and face your personal demons.

Android is a very good game burdened by some weighty mechanics. Essentially a murder-mystery game – with several people competing to gather evidence and create the best case possible, there is no solid solution – until the players create one. That’s a very fine piece of design there – enabling infinite replay value while also doing away with the usual “murder master” that mystery games usually need. Still, it results in some clunky stuff in the rules. However, if you have a few hours and wish to dedicate a good amount of time to it, playing Android can be a rewarding experience.

Anyway, here are the available copies:


Price: P2,000

Condition: Good condition

Contact info: Cellphone: 09195208623

If you have your own copy to sell, send me a line and I’ll put up your details.




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