On The Shelf: Small World

30 06 2011

The rise and fall of civilizations may sound like a deep topic, but with only a couple of rules, that’s exactly what Small World simulates on its aptly-named board.

Here’s the description from

Here’s a description from Boardgamegeek:

In Small World, players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all.

Designed by Philippe Keyaerts as a fantasy follow-up to his award-winning VinciSmall World is inhabited by a zany cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs, and even humans, who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth.

Picking the right combination from the 14 different fantasy races and 20 unique special powers, players rush to expand their empires – often at the expense of weaker neighbors. Yet they must also know when to push their own over-extended civilization into decline and ride a new one to victory!

The game is essentially a game of leading various randomly generated civilizations to rampage across the map. You earn gold/points for every territory your civilization controls. Of course, like all civilizations expanding, you run out of steam and can’t expand anymore. This is a sign for you to chuck your people and select a new one. Finished in eight rounds,  it is a fun and fast game. It”s also got immense replay value because of the random generation and the large amount of expansions available, further increasing the variables. A civilization-building game for the whole family that can be explained and played in a few minutes – a definite must buy for anyone interested in the genre.

Here are the available copies:


Small World: Tales and Legends Expansion

Condition: Brand new

Price: 600 pesos

Contact info: Cellphone +639178422315, or email at dyeyk2000@gmail.com.

You can also get the full game from brand new from Gaming Library

If you have your own copy to sell, send me a line and I’ll put up your details.




3 responses

1 07 2011

Great game. There’s a sequel coming out this year as well.

2 07 2011

Yeah – the Underworld sequel looks to be more complex and looks to be great fun.

2 07 2011

My copy will be i the mail this week!

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