[Blood On My Fists] Hard Revenge Milly + Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle

6 07 2011

One of my other abiding passions is martial arts movies. I just like the punchin’, kickin’, slicin’, dicin’ action they bring to the table. I’ve already done a few reviews but I haven’t made a solid commitment to making such posts – but, hey, you have to begin somewhere. And we’ll be beginning somewhere bloody: Japan’s Hard Revenge Milly and it’s sequel Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle.

Both starring Miki Mizuno, Japan’s current action lady, these two are short and bloody revenge tales. Heck, they don’t even last an hour each. Both are set in a Mad-Max like future of Japan, where Milly, our titular character, doesn’t just kick ass and take names. No, she kicks through ass and rips off names. These two shorts feature literally buckets of blood.

The special effects are pretty good. And the gore is ultra-realistic. Both films have the basic plot of Milly kicking ass. That’s all there is to it: there maybe that occasional nod to a back story but this is ultimately all about Miki Mizuno showing off her martial arts chops in set-piece battles that involve lots of blood and guts – mostly courtesy of the character Milly’s arsenal of deadly hidden weapons. Here’s a trailer of the two to give you a taste of the ultra-violence contained within:

And although Miki Mizuno and Nao Nagasawa, who is in the second movie, are easy on the eyes, you won’t see any unnecessary bit of flesh the entire movie. This is all about pure action condensed into 45 minutes each. Definitely worth the buy at Amazon using e-2-door.




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