[Points of Interest] Memoir ’44 Online

8 07 2011

War. War never changes – especially when it’s been translated to the online version.


Memoir ’44 is probably one of the easiest war games to get into. It’s more game than simulation – which often turns off the more serious war gamers – but it does that game part very well; plus it’s one of those really good entry-level games.  The biggest problem has always been it’s a two-player game – which is a turn-off for some board gamers – which makes it difficult get a game on. Well, here’s the Internet to the rescue!

Days of Wonder, one of the world’s biggest boardgame  companies, has recently launched an online version of Memoir ’44. I’ve always wanted to try it out and this is really one of the best ways to get a handle for the game. Everything’s got tool tips and the AI is pretty good in its own right. So what’s it all about?

Using Richard Borg’s Command and Colors system, Memoir ’44 the board game lets you play dozens of scenarios of World War II combat. It’s incredibly popular with dozens of expansions and an entire scenario book dedicated to it. On a board divided into three sections, players play command cards to move their units and engage enemy units. Players win a scenarios by getting the appropriate amount of victory medals – by either killing opposing units or fulfilling victory conditions.

The main problems with Memoir ’44 are that it’s difficult to hustle up an opponent sometimes and that setting up a scenario can be a pain. Well, with the online version, those problems are solved. Digital matchmaking and computerized boards may feel like a poor substitute for the tactile board game experience, but no worries – the game translates pretty well.

Of course, Days of Wonder isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their own heart. Each game on the server requires a payment of GIs or Gold Ingots is necessary. A game usually costs 2 to 3 GIs – and you get a free 50 GIs when you sign up. When you run out, you can buy one of several packages ranging from 8 dollars for 200 GIs to 60 dollars for a whopping 2,500 GIs – which is more than a thousand games; the higher costing packages also provide access to Expert Mode. Expert Mode lets you build your own scenarios and play them along with several other benefits.

Signing up is a breeze – the normal rigmarole and download are needed, but after that you’re all set to fight World War II. I recommend that you do – the game is simple to understand, the prices are cheap, and the game is low-maintenance. Definitely a must try for any strategy gamer.




2 responses

12 07 2011

Looks cool. I will admit that the 2 player maximum has deterred me from buying the game thus far. Perhaps I should try online. I loved their Ticket to Ride online design.

12 07 2011

Try it – it’s worth the download.

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