[Youtubery] La Seine From A Monster In Paris

25 07 2011

Well, finally back from sickness and overwork. Sigh.

Anyway, to celebrate my return to regular posting, here’s a catchy little tune from the upcoming French animated movie, A Monster In Paris. Looking a bit like Disney’s recent Tangled, it’s a story of a cabaret singer, her mad scientist love interest, and, of course, a six-foot tall insect monstrosity who plays a mean guitar.

What’s great about this is the Lucille, the singer, is voiced by Mrs. Johnny Depp herself -Vanessa Paradis. Plus, the monster, Francoeur is voiced by Mathieu Chedid. Here’s the trailer:

The entire thing looks to be gorgeously animated and spectacularly voiced. Only the French can make an animated heroine as sexily cute as Lucille – the voice and the hips alone! Sacre bleu!

Anyway, it will come out this October, under the auspices of Luc Besson’s Europa films. Hopefully, the subtitles arrive soon afterward.




2 responses

26 07 2011

How did you figure out the name of the monster flea?

26 07 2011

It’s in the credits.

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