Going Legit: Good Old Games

4 08 2011

Let’s be honest here – the Philippines is a hotbed of software piracy. Arrr! I’m not offering any excuses nor will I be making statements that will have the authorities at my door. However I’m pointing out that with all the fancy games out nowadays, don’t you ever have that flood of nostalgia for some of the classics? Fallout, Arcanum, Myst, Master of Magic and all the others are just some of the games that people grew up with that you can’t legitimately buy on the market. At least on the physical level.

Good Old Games is a digital distribution service run by the boys at CD Projekt – the Polish guys behind The Witcher series. It specializes in old games – games that were released five or more years ago. The great thing about it is that it’s all DRM-free and pretty cheap. At the highest price point of $9.99 – which is 400 or so Philippine pesos, you can get an original game! That’s light years away from the thousands of pesos that these games usually cost. That doesn’t even take into account the regular sales that drop the games into even more affordable pricing zones.

Buying the game puts it your account and you will have the right to download and install it as many times as you want. Personally, I just keep an offline copy of the installers.

Registration is free, although you still need a credit card for payment. Overall, the service is a great for any Filipino looking for a legitimate source of old games – and is on a budget.




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9 08 2011
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