Why Now Is The Time To Buy Arcane Legions

9 08 2011

Arcane Legions had a  good thing going and had all the buzz when it came on to the scene. Unfortunately, because of a weird business strategy, rules problems, and lack of updates, this excellent mass combat miniatures game has fallen to the wayside. Which makes it the perfect time to buy it!

So what is Arcane Legions? Well, it was supposed to be the answer to every miniature gamer’s dream: a mass-combat tabletop wargame that was cheap enough to complete an army on a budget, yet deep enough to sustain great gameplay. The fluff was great, too: a magical incident in 30 BC accidentally brought magic back to the world – and that’s got the major players of the ancient world antsy. So they send off their armies to check what the hell caused it all. So you’ve got Chinese/Japanese armies, Roman armies, and Egyptian armies converging on the Middle East.

What brought it down was arrows. Lots and lots of arrows. It seems that the Chinese faction’s ranged specialty was way too overpowered and had a chance of slaughtering the field. Imagine an army of Legolases facing off against Iron Age soldiers – that’s like placing a Gatling gun up against cavemen.

So why still buy it? Because other than the arrow problem, it’s got a smooth, fluid ruleset. No complicated crap – also everything you need to know is on the unit tray and card: movement, abilities, and everything. The arrow problem itself can be surmounted by a few house rules – adding ammo rules is an inspired touch.

And the biggest thing right now for the Filipino gamer is that it is cheap – especially now that it is in the bargain bin. Cheap to buy and cheap to complete – you can now have a fully functional army for less than five thousand pesos – a sizable difference from what you usually spend on miniature games. Heck , I have two armies I can play with for less than 10k PhP. Considering how much fun you can extract out of that, then you’ve got yourself a bargain.




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