Chibi Dungeon Crawl: Super Dungeon Explore

17 08 2011

Dungeon crawling is a time-honored concept in games. Classics like Dungeon Quest and Talisman have trod this well-worn path before. However, none have simulated the hack-and-slash experience of running around a dungeon and killing things like Fantasy Flight Games’ Descent. A sprawling classic of the genre, Descent had large maps and devious encounters all stage-managed by an Overlord – being D&D without the fuss of role-playing. However it is a pain to set-up and play – usually taking several hours. Thankfully, newer sleeker versions like Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon appeared. However, there’s a new bad boy on the block – with a rather unique art design that puts it above the rest – welcome  Super Dungeon Explore.Boasting cute miniatures and easy-to-play rules,  Super Dungeon Explore looks to be one of those products you’ll either love or hate. The chibi style of cartoonish illustration isn’t exactly for everyone – but it seems publisher Soda Pop Miniatures isn’t exactly aiming for everyone. This is the sort of niche product that attracts devotees and fanatics – and may earn Soda Pop a dedicated following. It’s still not out yet, but with the enthusiasm about it on the uptick and some positive buzz in the community hyping it up, it’s going to have an interesting debut. If you’re interested, it would be best to check out the rules since Soda Pop has uploaded a simple demo product for you to print out and play.




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