Chibi Dungeon Crawl: Super Dungeon Explore

17 08 2011

Dungeon crawling is a time-honored concept in games. Classics like Dungeon Quest and Talisman have trod this well-worn path before. However, none have simulated the hack-and-slash experience of running around a dungeon and killing things like Fantasy Flight Games’ Descent. A sprawling classic of the genre, Descent had large maps and devious encounters all stage-managed by an Overlord – being D&D without the fuss of role-playing. However it is a pain to set-up and play – usually taking several hours. Thankfully, newer sleeker versions like Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon appeared. However, there’s a new bad boy on the block – with a rather unique art design that puts it above the rest – welcome  Super Dungeon Explore. Read the rest of this entry »


Like A Thief In The Night: Ninjato and Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan

15 08 2011

The kids above may not look deadly – but they only mask the secret deadliness within. Or at least I think so.

Anyway, the Japanese shinobi or shadow warrior has been the topic of many a game – however, they’re mostly video games. Thankfully someone has decided to remedy that condition. Two someones actually. That’s right, two ninja board games are coming soon and they will definitely be added to my collection. They’re Z-Man Games’ Ninjato and AEG’s Ninja: Legend of The Scorpion Clan.

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[Gaming] Runewars

26 07 2011

Back to the salt mines with me! Or rather the toils of talking about board games. Today, we’ll talk about one of the jewels of my collection, Fantasy Flight Games’ epic fantasy strategy game, Runewars!

Released just last year, it’s probably one of the better entries into the strategy genre and one FFG’s finest new designs.

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[Points of Interest] Memoir ’44 Online

8 07 2011

War. War never changes – especially when it’s been translated to the online version.


Memoir ’44 is probably one of the easiest war games to get into. It’s more game than simulation – which often turns off the more serious war gamers – but it does that game part very well; plus it’s one of those really good entry-level games.  The biggest problem has always been it’s a two-player game – which is a turn-off for some board gamers – which makes it difficult get a game on. Well, here’s the Internet to the rescue!

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On The Shelf: Small World

30 06 2011

The rise and fall of civilizations may sound like a deep topic, but with only a couple of rules, that’s exactly what Small World simulates on its aptly-named board.

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On The Shelf: Android

26 06 2011

Been slacking off with the blogging for awhile – mostly because work is a pain in the ass right now, but hopefully I’ll get things normalized back here with this post.

Anyway, here’s another one for those who played Clue when they were young, but want to take it to another level. Android is the future of murder.

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On The Shelf: Shadow Hunters

14 06 2011

Having a lot players can occasionally be a problem. There aren’t many games that reach the eight-player mark that are still enjoyable. However, if you want a fun evening of party paranoia, Shadow Hunters should do the trick.

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