On The Shelf: The Official xxxHolic Guide

15 08 2011

One of the joys of living in the Philippines is we are the black hole of English-language books. Or rather, this is where books go to die. Being one of the biggest consumers of English books in the world, we get our share of the brand-new stuff – but the real prize, especially for people with tight budgets – is the remaindered stuff. You know, the extra stock that never get sold by publishers, either through overprinting or whatever.

So our second-hand bookstores take it all in and sell them at bargain basement prices. Booksale Philippines is arguably the largest chain of second-hand bookstores in the country and they carry a very wide selection of books – of course, the fact that they circulate their books through branches means that what you saw in one branch last month may end up somewhere in the Visayas next week.

Anyway, with the manga mania abroad, it’s understandable that quite a few manga books end up on their shelves. This one though is a find. Costing $13 before shipping on Amazon, the Official xxxHolic Guide¬†costs a cheap 180 Philippine pesos – that $4 – without shipping. There’s several copies in several Booksales in Metro Manila, all of them still shrink wrapped or at least in good condition. Check them out for several more bargains.


[On The Shelf] Astigirl

3 07 2011

And now for something completely different! I’ve been featuring games exclusively on On The Shelf for awhile now, but it’s time to spread my wings a little to my other interests. One of these interests is in books and I just stumbled on a book that definitely fits the bill:¬†Astigirl

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Image Tax: Because The Name “Stark” Didn’t Start In The North

6 06 2011

Because you want Tony Stark to be king of Westeros.

Source: Winter Is Coming, Bitches

Touching Not Allowed: Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere

29 12 2010
"Where did the bad priest touch you?" is disturbingly not a joke considering the source.

Image from the Penguin Classics US website

Now that’s heavy.

Choosing my returning post back to blogging was no contest. After all the chaos and confusion of the holidays – technically I’m still in the midst of that chaos and confusion, as well as the paying of credit card bills – finally finding time to write in the wee hours of December 30 is pure serendipity. It’s either that or coincidence – I can never keep those two straight.

So, in honor of the date, as more than a century ago, the author of the above book was preparing to be shot, let me ruminate on his opus – and coincidentally adding a new tag to my blog – the Noli.

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