[On The Shelf] Nendoroid Light Yagami

23 08 2011

Here’s a nice little find. Light Yagami is the crazed genius antihero of the manga Death Note. Here he is in cutie nendoroid form.¬†Amazon is selling these for $49.99. That’s 2500 pesos. In a Filbar’s I found this guy selling for 550 pesos – which is a little over $12. A bargain for a cute little psychopath.


Figure Review: Alathena Moonbreeze And Sorna

12 01 2011

Image From DC Direct Website

Argh… back from Internet Death! Anyway, to get me back into the full swing of things, here’s a figure review of the other elf in my WoW figure collection: Alathena Moonbreeze! Above’s a picture of the lovely elven lass’ prototype

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Figure Review: Sylvanas Windrunner

4 11 2010

From newsarama.com

I don’t often buy figs – but when I do, I always buy pretty stuff. Up above’s a pro shot of DC Unlimited’s Sylvanas Windrunner. Bought it on a whim as I passed by a Datablitz as I went home. Horrible cellphone cam pics below the cut.

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