Image Tax: Eyes You Could Drown In

23 08 2011

I love cosplay! Not just if there’s pretty girls – but really well-done cosplay are works of art.

For example is this recent Bioshock Infinite shoot from Russian cosplayer, ormeli. A nice dress, decent lighting and soulful eyes convey a lot. Alas, the onlt cosplay I can conceivably do is if my body is fully-covered.

Anyway, check out more stuff at ormeli’s deviantart page.

Source: ormeli at deviantart


Image Tax: It’s Night And You’re Wearing Shades And Thigh-Highs…

15 08 2011

…that must be cold.

Mario Wibisono knows how to draw women, that cannot be denied.

Source: deviantart

Image Tax: It’s Mating Season!

15 08 2011

Because Daffy doesn’t do it as well as Bugs.

Source: Tumblr

[Image Tax] Because Winter Is Coming, Yo

1 08 2011

Because Arya needs a cooler uncle than Benjen. Also she needs some armor – to become an Avenger.


[Image Tax] Because He’s Like Peter Pan

11 07 2011

And that means Link should always be played by a woman. Plus she’s French. Two more after the cut.

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[Image Tax] Fear The Vampire Sheikh

4 07 2011

Because nothing says “vampire” more than living in a desert and being on fire.

Source: Harlequin Nocturne

Image Tax: Because Jim Lee Needs To Redesign Everything

29 06 2011

Everyone’s up in arms about the upcoming DC reboot. One of the things everyone’s hollering about is Jim Lee pretty much redesigning everyone’s iconic superheroes. Well, this isn’t the first time he’s done it. Last year’s Mad Magazine, which is also coincidentally owned by DC, published the above┬áposter for their Spy Vs. Spy special. Pretty nice looking – though did Jim really have to put some boobs/cleavage on White Spy…

Incidentally, it’s been 50 years since Black and White started killing each other – here’s to another 50 more.