Like A Thief In The Night: Ninjato and Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan

15 08 2011

The kids above may not look deadly – but they only mask the secret deadliness within. Or at least I think so.

Anyway, the Japanese shinobi or shadow warrior has been the topic of many a game – however, they’re mostly video games. Thankfully someone has decided to remedy that condition. Two someones actually. That’s right, two ninja board games are coming soon and they will definitely be added to my collection. They’re Z-Man Games’ Ninjato¬†and AEG’s Ninja: Legend of The Scorpion Clan.

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Image Tax: It’s Mating Season!

15 08 2011

Because Daffy doesn’t do it as well as Bugs.

Source: Tumblr

Screensaver Madness: Have The SNSD Girls Take Over Your PC

10 08 2011

It maybe a year old now but it never gets old.

Last year, DAUM, a popular Korean search engine had the girls of SNSD – more popularly known as Girl’s Generation to millions of red-blooded men worldwide – make a screensaver for them. As seen above it’s a combination of cuteness and hotness that will overload anyone’s senses. Want more? Check the Youtube link for the download link.

Why Now Is The Time To Buy Arcane Legions

9 08 2011

Arcane Legions had a  good thing going and had all the buzz when it came on to the scene. Unfortunately, because of a weird business strategy, rules problems, and lack of updates, this excellent mass combat miniatures game has fallen to the wayside. Which makes it the perfect time to buy it!

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2 Legit 2 Quit: Gamersgate

9 08 2011

After talking about Good Old Games in my last post, it’s time to talk about another purveyor of fine games. This time for games not so old. Of course, there are a whole lot of those – with Valve’s Steam leading the bunch – but for the Filipino digital customer, quite a few of those can be inconvenient. Well, here’s one that’s perfect – no-frills and no-DRM – well, most of the time. It’s Gamersgate!

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Going Legit: Good Old Games

4 08 2011

Let’s be honest here – the Philippines is a hotbed of software piracy. Arrr! I’m not offering any excuses nor will I be making statements that will have the authorities at my door. However I’m pointing out that with all the fancy games out nowadays, don’t you ever have that flood of nostalgia for some of the classics? Fallout, Arcanum, Myst, Master of Magic and all the others are just some of the games that people grew up with that you can’t legitimately buy on the market. At least on the physical level. Read the rest of this entry »

[Image Tax] Because Winter Is Coming, Yo

1 08 2011

Because Arya needs a cooler uncle than Benjen. Also she needs some armor – to become an Avenger.